OAM cryptocurrency registration

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OAM cryptocurrency registration

A comprehensive service for compulsory compliance of one's company with the regulations governing providers of digital currency services with registration in the list of Operators, Agents and Brokers.

The OAM (Operators, Agents and Brokers) institution obliges companies offering services related to the use of cryptocurrencies and digital portfolios to register with the Public Registry in order to operate in the crypto sphere.

OAM Compliance Service

Enrollment in the OAM Registry involves a number of specific initial procedures along with ongoing obligations. Through this service, we will assist you in preparing, completing, and following up on your application to join the OAM Public Registry.
The obligation to register with the OAM Public Register directly affects such realities as: 

  1. Service providers related to the use of virtual currency: 
    • Centralized exchanges;
    • NFT marketplace;
    • CeFi platforms.
  2. ATM:
    • Digital wallet service providers;
    • Wallet provider (custodial). 
  3. Virtual currency issuing services (miners);
  4. Virtual currency clearing services; 
  5. DeFi protocols;
  6. Professionals and consulting firms providing advice in crypto;
  7. Software developers in the blockchain field. 


The OAM COMPLIANCE service offers not only advice on OAM registration procedures, but also preparation and completion of the application to the Public Register.

At its core, the service includes:

  1. Verification of basic application requirements
  2. Establishment of the Italian branch or Srl 
  3. Application preparation 
  4. Verification and preparation of mandatory attachments 
  5. Submission of application for registration 
  6. Interaction with OAM offices until registration with the Public Register
  7. Legal domiciliation for the Italian branch 
  8. Submission of the last year's tax return to the Internal Revenue Service 
  9. Quarterly reporting of individual customer operation data

In addition, Crypt&co offers additional business support services such as:

  1. Italian representative
  2. Accounting management for the Italian branch