Crypto Glossary

bitcoin fork
Fork Blockchain and Bitcoin: what it's all about
Fork Blockchain and Bitcoin: What it's all about The world of cryptocurrency is a dynamic and constantly...
Blockchain what it is and how it works
Blockchain: what it is and how it works
Blockchain: what it is and how it works, a simple definition Lately we have been hearing a lot about...
digital smart contracts
Halving bitcoin: what it is and how it works
Bitcoins have been heard about for years now: if until not long ago it was something that...
cryptos what are they
Cryptocurrency margin trading: what is it?
There are multiple ways to trade cryptocurrencies, but what exactly does that mean? It means.
what are bitcoins
What are altcoins?
It all started in 2008 with the introduction of Bitcoins. The cryptocurrency phenomenon in these...
Defi Crypto: what Decentralized Finance is like'is.
Cryptocurrency capitalization: what it is
What is crypto market cap and how it works Crypto market cap is a typical phenomenon of cryptocurrencies...
digital smart contracts
Smart contracts: what they are and how they work
Smart contracts are innovative tools made under the banner of automation. They are characterized...
cryptos what are they
Cryptocurrencies: what they are and what they are
The Digital Revolution and the Digital Economy represent something unprecedented: of revolutionary,...
what are bitcoins
Bitcoins: how they work and what they are
More and more people today are wondering what bitcoins are and how they work. Something that...
decentralized finance
What is DeFi, decentralized finance and how it works
Decentralized finance, better known as DeFi, is a recent field whose introduction is linked...