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Crypt&Co. is a group of accountants and lawyers specialising in taxation and regulations on cryptocurrency, virtual goods and all technology-related assets blockchain.

About Us

Crypt&Co. is a specialized division of Allcore S.p.A. With vertical expertise on taxation, regulations and regulation concerning cryptocurrency and digital assets in the Italian and European landscape.
Through the experience of a pool of professionals in tax consulting, accounting management and legal assistance in crypto, Crypt&Co. helps, in dealing with tax and new compliance, individuals and companies that operate or want to operate in the new markets of cryptocurrency, NFT, Smart Contract, virtual goods and products traveling on technology blockchain.


A world of services for individuals and companies

With our team of professionals, we provide consultations tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses facing In the world of digital assets.


Crypt&Co. offers tax advisory services for individuals who invest liquidity on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms, with the buying and selling of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin and all major cryptocurrencies, and/or own digital assets, helping individuals untangle ever-changing and intricately articulated tax regulations.


Crypt&Co. supports companies and entrepreneurs in the economics of crypto assets with lawyers and accountants who, through dedicated services, help them diversify their treasuries by investing in cryptocurrencies, regulate tax and legal relations with the Internal Revenue Service, monitor liquidity and money laundering risks, and strategically manage their crypto portfolios.


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Our values


Peace of Mind and Clarity: our professionals provide clarity and peace of mind in a world that is yet to be regulated and lacking in certainty for investors and individuals in terms of declarations and returns.


Innovation: thanks to our network and our competencies, we are innovators and leaders in the provision of tailored consultancy and services other
market players are unable to provide.


Security: we ensure our clients benefit from the peace of mind of having a competent partner by their side that fulfils all their requirements linked to the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, including declarations, cashouts and more.


Protection: thanks to our solutions, we protect our clients from any possible sanctions or disputes with the Revenue Agency.


Speed: our professionals are always ready to provide prompt consultancy, to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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It is increasingly necessary for businesses and individuals to place their trust in competent professionals.

We want to respect the complex regulatory compliance that characterises the financial instruments of the new economy. Careful treasury management is fundamental in maintaining purchasing power and leveraging our financial resources to the highest degree.
This is why our consultancy is fundamental for:

Private investors who hold or invest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Italy and Europe.

Companies (Italian and foreign) that hold, invest and mine digital assets

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